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It's time to replace those expensive, heavy and dangerous wooden pallets in your warehouse with our heavy duty rackable plastic pallet. These plastic pallets are hygienic, can be hot washed, steam cleaned or chemically sterilised. Unlike many other plastic pallets ours have been designed to lock safely into warehouse racking at a perfect height for safe forklift entry and exit. The pallets also come with rubber strips across the top deck and rubber stoppers on the base for added safety and load securement.

Our Warehouse plastic pallets can be used for any industry but are particularly effective in the food and pharmaceutical industries where companies are looking to raise the standards of hygiene within their organisation. Timber is porous in nature and as a result is known to absorb and retain harmful bacteria. With its inability to be cleaned adequately timber increases the risks of cross contamination and in turn can be a health hazard to consumers.


  • Smooth Top Surface - Comes with a smooth hygienic top surface for easy cleaning and maintaining hygiene, a critical condition under GMP & HACCp.
  • Full Length Welded Anti-Slip Strips - The full length anti-strips are firmly welded to the top surface, thus ensuring their long service life without the possibility of trapping dirt. They are excellent in providing gripping for various types of loads; cartons, crates, bags, drums, sheets, etc.
  • Smooth Entry - This ensures the pallet base does not retain water or dirt.
  • Protruded Edges - The protruded but smooth edges help to secure wrapping film.
  • Friendly entry curvatures - This pallet is designed with smooth entry curvatures, making it friendlier to operate even in compact environments.
  • Round Grommets on base - Designed to prevent anti-slip effect on the floor.
  • Round Grommets in middle - Designed for good gripping with fork tines.
  • Pallet Notch - Designed to safely lock into warehouse racking without affecting fork tine clearance.
  • Flat Base Surface - For durability and better traction on conveyors.


Model Number - 1120

Size - 1160 x 1160 x 150mm

Weight - 20kg

Style - Double Deck

Entry - 2 way

Material - HDPE

Colour - Grey

Capacity - 6 tonne (static) 1 tonne (racking) 1 tonne (dynamic)


  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Printing & Publishing
  • Paper Products
  • Petrochemical
  • Mining
  • Distribution & Retail


          - For deliveries outside Metro areas please contact us first to discuss possible additional freight costs. 



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