Active Mineral Desiccant 2000gm

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UniSorb Desiccant by JMP

1 CARTON = 8 Sachets ($12.00 each) - #1263

Unisorb 2000 gram Active Mineral Desiccant Sachets – Comes packed in an air tight bag ensuring your silica gel is fresh, dry and ready to go.

Unisorb’s active mineral desiccants were specifically designed to protect goods from moisture damage during transportation. It is geared towards larger confined areas where the levels of moisture can be extremely high. Active mineral desiccants will quickly absorb this moisture but also continue to absorb over time as often new air can flow into the area that is supposed to be confined.

A prime example of this is in 20’ and 40’ shipping containers, the application where Unisorb active mineral desiccants are mostly used. Air vents are not always closed off as required and this allows air flow in and out of the container. For long shipments, including those across the equator, without Unisorb protection this can have a devastating impact on the product as severe temperature fluctuations lead to high levels of condensation, rust, mildew and mold.

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