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JMP has developed a plastic pallet which is ideal for use in refrigerated shipping containers, or reefers as they are also known as.


Nearly all 20' reefers have an internal length under 5500mm which creates an issue when trying to fit the traditional Australian 1100 x 1100mm pallets inside. Basically, there is no room on the floor for the 9th and 10th pallet. If you are double stacking then you can only fit 16 pallets in compared to 20 for a standard 20' shipping container. This creates a problem for many shippers and they could better maximise their space by using our custom pallet.


By reducing the pallet footprint down to 1050 x 1050mm, JMP's pallet will allow you to get all 10 (or 20 double stacked) pallets placed inside the reefer with the doors shut.


This pallet has also been designed to be a nestable pallet, which keeps transportation costs and storage requirements down. However, the base has been designed differently to the usual pod style nestable pallets which traditionally cannot be double stacked inside a container as the pods can damage any cartons below. The more flat style base of our reefer pallet distributes the weight of the upper pallet more evenly allowing for double stacking in a greater number of situations.


  • More than 10 years life span
  • Lightweight yet strong load bearing capacities
  • Safe to handle – free from screws & nails
  • Cleanliness
  • Hygienic and non-toxic
  • Resistant to chemicals – particularly acids and alkalis
  • Non-absorbent to moisture
  • Dimensionally stable under all climatic conditions
  • Odourless
  • No fumigation required for export
  • Minimum maintenance – free from splinters and chipping
  • Resistant to U.V. Radiation
  • Anti-Slip with rubber stoppers



Model Number - 1122

Size - 1050 x 1050 x 120mm (also available in 1100 x 1100)

Weight - 7.7kg

Style - Nesting with even style base

Entry - 2 way

Material - Recycled PP

Colour - Black

Capacity - 3 tonne (static) 1.3 tonne (dynamic)


  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Printing & Publishing
  • Paper Products
  • Petrochemical
  • Mining
  • Distribution & Retail


- Freight calculations on this website are not always real time and accurate.. therefore please contact us directly for an accurate Freight Quotation.


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